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Do you think a dietitian’s life revolves around eating perfection? Contrary to popular belief, most dietitians are not perfect eaters or hypercritical health nuts.  We don’t always eat our veggies or drink enough water.  We occasionally overindulge on the weekend or skip a workout here or there.  And yes, there have been sightings of us hitting the fast food drive-thru.  But overall the Dietitian Duo strives to eat flavorful whole foods that nourish our bodies and power our active lifestyles.

We are all about working hard, playing hard and Keepin’ it Real!  Balancing work, life and a busy social calendar makes finding simplicity in eating and living well a necessity—and the Dietitian Duo gets that.  We understand that change is tough and we’re here to coach you in making small, practical changes that have a big impact.  We are incredibly passionate about helping our readers and clients create a lifestyle around nutritious and delicious foods, regular activity, stress management, self-love and positivity.

The Dietitian Duo invites you to join in on the conversation to share your successes, challenges and questions.  We’d love to hear from you!

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Cheers to livin’ healthy and feelin’ fabulous!

The Dietitian Duo

Meet Beth

Coming to you from Central PA, I’m a proud Penn State Nittany Lion with over ten years of professional experience as a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN).  My varied career path has included several years as an inpatient RD, followed by an outpatient RD, specializing in adult and pediatric weight management.  I am currently employed as a retail dietitian for a family-owned and operated East Coast-based supermarket chain.

As you may have guessed, I have a deep and meaningful relationship with food. I love cooking it, meeting new types of it, reading about it, shopping for it and most of all—taking my fork to it!  Of course, as a dietitian, I also love the role food plays in keeping me healthy, happy and on my A game.  My personal eating approach includes eating a balanced variety of foods from the most healthful to the most rich and indulgent.  After all, life’s too short to pass on your favorite foods!  When I’m not otherwise engaged with food, some of the things I love to do in my free time include running (finished my first marathon this fall!), yoga, spending QT with family and friends, wine and beer tasting, traveling or dreaming up our next Dietitian Duo adventure.

 Beth Stark, RDN, LDN

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Meet Mandy

A Minnesota gal-on-the-go, these days you’ll find me living in Qatar (a small country in the Middle East).  After completing my degree at Concordia College in MN (Go Cobbers!), I made the trek to Pennsylvania for an internship at Penn State.   Afterwards, I had the pleasure of working alongside Beth as a supermarket RD on the East Cost.  I recently decided to embark on a new adventure working overseas for a weight-loss and wellness spa.  My fave thing about being an RD is guiding clients on their wellness journey.  I enjoy helping people ditch their crash-and-burn diets and adopt new behaviors for a healthy, manageable and fulfilling lifestyle.  Like most dietitians, I heed my own advice and strive to build a balanced plate with whole foods that energize my body and mind.  But I also make room for my must-haves like creamy chocolate and ice-cold beer.  While nutrition is my professional gig, staying active is an everyday priority.  From teaching Zumba® Fitness, hitting the weights and biking, I’m always on the move!  In my free time, you can bet I’ll be exploring new cultures and cuisines, salsa dancing or soaking up quality time with family and friends.

 Mandy Rother, RDN, LDN

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