5-to-Thrive 2013

The Dietitian Duo invites you to embark on a new kind of wellness journey in 2013 with our 5-to-Thrive series. Our  “Keepin’ It Real” motto and approach guides you to make simple changes to build a lifestyle around nutritious and delicious foods, regular activity, stress management, self-love and positivity. Cheers to a happier, healthier YOU!

Click on each link for our “How-to-Thrive” tips & tools.


Seeking a happier, healthier and more balanced life? Start by exploring each of our 5-to-Thrive pillars. Reflect on where you are and where you want to be. Then use our guide to set achievable goals and take small steps in the right direction. 

#1: Nourish

I will eat for nourishment, rather than fulfillment, and enjoy every bite. 

#2: Move

I will strive to move more to energize my body and mind. 

#3: Connect

I will surround myself with supportive family and friends. 

#4: Love 

I will show myself love by taking time to relax, renew and rejuvenate. 

#5: Breathe

I will breathe through stress and embrace each moment. 


Make simple lifestyle changes that last with our easy-to-use tools.


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